Add your own run script:

Create your own script by following another script, and store it into expscr/$model/ The script will automatically appear as one of the run script selections in install script.

Add new subroutine:

If the newly added subroutine is not optional in model_config/*.h, just add it to the appropriate directory. No other changes are needed. A proper Makefile will be generated automatically. If it is optional, introduce a new c-variable in model_config/*.h file. Then create a new directory in the appropriate model directory with the same name as the c-variable (should be upper case), and place the subroutines in that sub directory. No other action is needed. When the c-variable is defined, the newly added subroutines are automatically compiled and linked.

Add new a new program:

This requires a little bit of work. First, you need to add the program into the ${MODEL}_PROGS or ${MODEL}_MPI_PROGS lists in def/syvars.defs. Then, you need to add a new directory in $MPDEL /src/new_prog and place all the *.F files. You also need to copy from other program directory and modify. You also need to add script to run the program. Do this in ${MODEL}_runs/runscr and generate Of course you need to create a new run script to used that program. Do this by adding expscr/$MODEL/

Add a new model:

This requires a lot of work and is beyond the scope of this article.

If you think the changes you made are useful to other users, just write to us and we will make it a permanent part of the cvs g-rsm.