Dec-Alpha System

I am writing this message as some useful notes for people who would like to run cvsrsm in dec-alpha platform:
For some reason cpp (pre-processor) does not recognize the C-statements. So the following Makefiles (may be some more) have to be edited:

vi src/sfcl/
vi src/sfcl_par/
vi src/share/
vi src/rsml/
vi src/rsml_par/
vi src/rgsm/
vi src/rgsm_par/
vi src/rmtn/
vi src/rinpg/
vi src/rfcst/
vi src/rfcst_par/
vi src/rpgb/
vi src/rpgb_par/
vi src/co2/
vi src/sfc0/
vi src/rmpi/

In the above make files you have to make the following change:

To remove the C-style comments from the old ... e.g.

${CPP} -P ${INCLUDE_DIR} $*.F >$*.i

I just added the 'sed' operation:

${CPP} -P ${INCLUDE_DIR} $*.F | sed '/^\//d' >$*.i

which just removes any line beginning w/a slash.

Before you run configure-model you have to edit define.h in the RSM directory and remove blank spaces after '=' sign.

Then edit runs/runscr/ and replace prun with dmpirun
and edit runs/configure-scr and replace all `pwd` with
`pwd | sed 's?/tmp_mnt??g'

Vasu Misra (