COAPS data server

You can download a number of input files for the model from COAPS data server, by anonymous
cd /pub/ECPC/kana
Please contact Haiqin Li ( if you have any problems to access the data server.

Reanalysis data are on T62, 28 sigma levels and in ieee format.

  • NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis (R1) sigma files: every 6 hours, /r1/$DECADE/$YEAR/sig.$YEAR$MONTH$DAY$ . These data are regularly downloaded from a NCEP server (ftp >> cd pub/reanalysis-1/6hr/rotating; The files are named sanl*. We rename them sig.*.ieee. See also "N/N Reanalysis rotating" at ).

  • NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis (R1) surface files: first hour of the month only, /r1/$DECADE/$YEAR/sfc.$YEAR$ From 1948 to May 1957, the first 3rd hour, i.e., sfc.$YEAR$ The latest sfc files can be downloaded from the same NCEP server as sigma files (We rename the files from sfcanl* to sfc.*.ieee).

  • NCEP/DOE Reanalysis (R2) sigma files: every 6 hours, /r2/$YEAR$MONTH/ncep/anl/sig.anl.$YEAR$MONTH$DAY$

NOTE: Older Reanalysis files can be downloaded from NCAR. You might need an account with them.
If you download older files (before 1996 or 1997) from the NCAR server, you might need to use libs/etc/cosread to convert the files to the right format. A correct sfc file is size 1155252 and a correct sig file is size 1840400 after conversions.

For detailed information of R1 see the following web sites:
sigma files may be referred to as sanl and surface fiels may be called sfcanl.

SST and ice files are in GRIB format.

  • Daily SST grib files: /sfcanl/$YEAR/sst.grib
  • Daily ice grib files: /sfcanl/$YEAR/ice.grib

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