This page discusses running GSM with real time data from NCEP.

NCEP data server

Subroutines that are modified for NCEP data (provided by Jack Ritchie)

Sample gsm script: (provided by Sai Ming)

You need to edit the following files:
  • line 1025 of scnvrt.F should be like this:
write(52) ' ncep T382 surface file '
the character sting has to be 32characters long. Please insert blanks.

  • line 9-15 of chgr/gl2gl.F and line 4 of chgr/gaulat.F: increase the dimension of arrays three times. (500->1500, 1000->3000).
This subroutine was not written for a very high resolution global input file so you have to increase the dimension.

  • line 264 of chgr/changers.F should be like this:
if(nfld.eq.1) then
land sea mask is in the first field in ncp1

  • gsm/def/gsm6228/define.h should read:
#define _ilonf_ 1152
#define _ilatg_ 576
#define _ijcap_ 382
#define _ilevs_ 64
These are the input global file resolutions.
This will affect gsm/src/mtn gsm/src/co2 gsm/src/chgr
You will need to recompile these directories or you can recompile your entire gsm just to be sure. In any case, your cvar.env should reflect the change after configure-model. This is copied to runs/cvar.env by configure-scr and your gsm script will have INPUT_RESOLUTION=t382k64 and the arguments for scnvrt should be correct too (382:1152:576:64)

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My from an IBM machine. - Hideki
Files provided by Jack: - Sai Ming
gsm script used in my test: - Sai Ming

My scnvrt script: - Hideki - Hideki
scnvrt.out: - Hideki

Graphs showing GSM's skill in forecasting tropical cyclones and surges of the northeast monsoon: - Sai Ming