Stable Water Isotopes

Stable water isotopes (HDO and H218O) have been incorporated into G-RSM. Codes are not available from CVS, so if you are interested in this topic, please contact k1yoshimura[at] directly. Simulated data for 1979-2008 are available through

For detailed description, please refer
  • Yoshimura, K., M. Kanamitsu, D. Noone, and T. Oki (2008), Historical Isotope Simulation using Reanalysis Atmospheric Data, J. Geophys. Res., 113, D19108, doi:10.1029/2008JD010074.

Water Vapor Tracers

By using the same framework as the isotope model, it is possible to trace particular water vapor originated from certain domains. It is enabled by having surface evaporative fractionation factor of 1 for the target region and 0 for the rest, and by turning off any other isotopic fractionation in the atmosphere. If you are interested, please contact k1yoshimura[at], too. Here are brief instructions based on Yoshimura's email:

Regional Isotope Model (IsoRSM)

Regional version of isotope model has been developed. A paper is now available. The source code is available through CVS.
  • Yoshimura, K., M. Kanamitsu, and M. Dettinger, Regional downscaling for stable water isotopes: A case study of an Atmospheric River event, J. Geophys. Res., 115, doi:10.1029/2010JD014032, 2010.

Running IsoRSM with IsoGSM output

  1. Run IsoGSM first to produce sig.ftXX files with isotope information.
  2. Rename IsoGSM's sig.ftXX as sig.iso.YYYYMMDDHH.bin. These sig files are used as initial and boundary conditions.
  3. Rename IsoGSM's sfc.ftXX as sfc.iso.YYYYMMDDHH.bin. sfc files are used as initial conditions only.
  4. Edit INITIAL_SIG_GLB/INITIAL_SFC_GLB/BASE_SIG in IsoRSM's rsim script. For example:
    1. INITIAL_SIG_GLB=/home/kei/data/isosig/2005/sig.iso.2005012100.bin
    2. INITIAL_SFC_GLB=/home/kei/data/isosig/2005/sfc.iso.2005012100.bin
    3. BASE_SIG=/home/kei/data/isosig/\$YYYYF/sig.iso.\$YYYYF\$MMF\$DDF\$HHF.bin

Source Code available through CVS!

The Isotope/Tracer option is now available in the GSM and RSM.
To use IsoGSM through CVS, please do followings:
  1. install GSM as instructed in the Install page.
  2. go to def/model_config directory and edit misc.h to define ISOTOPE and NOFRAC options. (NOFRAC is for water vapor tracer).
  3. go to gsm directory, and run configure-model script.
  4. in gsm directory, run "make clean" and "make".
  5. go to gsm_runs directory, and run gsm script for a test.

For IsoRSM, please do:
  1. install RSM as instructed.
  2. edit misc.h to define ISOTOPE (and NOFRAC, if needed).
  3. in rsm directory, run configure-mode
  4. in the same directory, run make
  5. go to rsm_runs directory, and run rsim script.

If any problem, please feel free to ask kei (keiyoshi08[at]