Welcoming Remarks:

Masao Kanamitsu, Workshop Chair

Suzette Robinson, VC Academic Affairs, Maui Community College

Francis Fujioka, U.S. Forest Service

Glenn Shishido, Hawaii Division of Forestry, Maui District

GSM/RSM Overview: Chair, Henry Juang
1.1 Kanamitsu
Introduction. "Current Status of G-RSM"
1.2 Kanamaru
Review. "An Overview of the ECPC G-RSM Contribution to Several Regional Climate Modeling Intercomparison Programs."
1.3 Yoshimura
Recent Improvements in numerics. “Spectral Nudging” Kei Yoshimura
1.4 Hong
Recent improvements in physics. “New PBL parameterizations” Song-You Hong

GSM/RSM Overview: Chair, Francis Fujioka
1.5 Juang
“GSM/RSM/MSM Dynamics: Past, Present and Future.” Henry Juang

Scientific Presentations: Chair Francis Fujioka
1. Fire weather applications
1.6 Roads
NCEP/ECPC Monthly to Seasonal US Fire Danger Forecasts
J. Roads, P. Tripp, H. Juang, J. Wang, F. Fujioka and S. Chen
1.7 Fujioka
Use of Weather Models in Fire Danger and Fire Behavior Prediction.
F. Fujioka, S. Chen, J. Benoit and M. Jolly
1.8 Gonzalez-Caban
Integration of Weather Data and the Spatial Allocation of Market and Nonmarket Values in Fire Management.
A. Gonzalez-Caban and K. Baerenklau
1.9 Jin
Application of MSM at scale less than 1km in Northeast China to improve fire behavior modeling.
S. Jin

Scientific Presentations: 2. Downscaling. Chair Shyh Chen
2.01 Wang
The NCEP RSM Regional Climate Forecast Experiment
J. Wang and H. Juang
2.02 Amjad
Dynamical Downscaling of Seasonal Climate Hindcast and Prediction Experiments using Regional Spectral Model over South Asia
M. Amjad and M. M. Sheikh
2.03 Brenner
Downscaling the Mediterranean region winter season with the RSM coupled to a one dimensional ocean model.
S. Brenner and E. Shiber
2.04 Putrasahan
Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions in the Southeast Pacific Ocean
D. Putrasahan, H. Seo, A. Miller and J. Roads
2.05 Seo
Regional Coupled Downscaling of future climate projections in the Tropical Atlantic Sector.
H. Seo and S-P Xie
2.06 Chen
Meso-scale Spectral Model Simulations over San Jacinto Mountain Region
S. Chen, F. Fujioka, J. Benoit and H. Juang

Scientific Presentations: 3. Spectral nudging and bias correction. Chair Kei Yoshimura
3.01 Chan
Seasonal Re-Forecasting of the North American Monsoon from a Regional Climate Model
S. Chan and V. Misra
3.02 Sun
A new nesting approach with bias correction for regional climate models. L. Sun and H. Li
3.03 Yoshimura
Regional Downscaling for Stable Water Isotopes with IsoRSM.
K. Yoshimura and M. Kanamitsu
3.04 Kanamitsu
Interannual variability and long term trend in dynamical downscaling.
M. Kanamitsu, K. Yoshimura, Y-B Yhang and S-Y Hong
3.05 Wu
Local Mean Bias Correction in aregional model downscaling: A case study of the South China Sea Summer Monsoon of 1998. P-L Wu, P-L Lin and H. Juang

Scientific Presentations: 4. Numerical Methods. Chair Liqiang Sun

Non-Iteration Mass-conserving Positive-definite Semi-Lagrangean Advection: Possible for RSM/MSM
H. Juang. And Y. Zhang

Scientific Presentations: 5. Monsoon applications