Welcoming Remarks:

Dr. Masao Kanamitsu, Workshop Chair

Dr. Masao Minagawa, Dean, Faculty of Environmental Earth Science

Dr. Tomonori Sato, EES

Dr. Masaru Inatsu, MOE, S5-3 project sub-leader

Regional model physical processes: Chair, Liqiang Sun

Introduction. Masao Kanamitsu
0.1 Ishizaki
Special Lecture: Spatial correlation of the observation data and its application to validate the regional climate model. Noriko Ishizaki, Izuru Takayabu and Masao Kanamitsu

Scientific Presentations: Chair, Tomonori Sato
1. Physical processes
1.1 Hong
Review: How to develop the algorithm for physical processes in atmospheric models. Song-You Hong
1.2 Sato
Assessment of dynamical downscale ability to simulate intra-seasonal variation in China and Mongolia. Tomonori Sato and Yongkang Xue
1.3 Batbold
Impact of vegetation on summer season precipitation over Central Mongolia using Regional Climate Model. Batbold Altangerel
1.4 Takatama
Mechanisms for boundary layer wind response to the Gulf Stream in a regional atmospheric model. Kohei Takatama, Shoshiro Minobe, Masaru Inatsu and Richard J. Small.
1.5 Ham
Effects of River routing processes on a simulated climatology in the HadGEM2. Suryun Ham, Song-You Hong Yign Noh, Soon-Il An, Young-Hwa Byun, Hyun-Suk Kang, Johan Lee and Won-Tae Kwon.
1.6 Kesarkar
Validation of Regional Weather Forecast for Deep Convection over Indian Subcontinent. Amit Kesarkar, M. Rajeevan and Jyoti Bhate.

Scientific Presentations: Chair, Naosuke Okada
2. Diurnal variation

2.1 Koo
Diurnal variation of simulated precipitation over East Asia. Myung-Seo Koo and Song-You Hong
2.2 Kim
Effect of diurnal cycles on Asian summer monsoon: A Modeling Study. Jung-Eun Kim, Myoung-Seo Koo, Masao Kanamitsu and Song-You Hong

Diurnal characteristics of summertime rainfall over North America in a Regional Spectral Model. Tomohito J. Yamada, M. I. Lee, M. Kanamitsu and H. Kanamaru

Scientific Presentations: Chair Naosuke Okada
3. Regional coupled modeling

Understanding coupled air-sea interactions in the Southeast Pacific
D. Putrasahan, H. Seo, A. Miller and J. Roads
3.2 Kanamitsu
Coupled California Reanalysis Downscaling at 10km (CCaRD10). Masao Kanamitsu and Haiqin Li

Scientific Presentations: Chair, Masaru Inatsu
4. Dynamics

4.1 Inatsu
Two way interactively nested climate model. Masaru Inatsu
4.2 Chang
An Evaluation of High-Impact Weathers over Korea simulated by the Non-Hydrostatic Regional Spectral Model. Eun-Chul Chang and Song-You Hong
4.3 Das
Study of Different Cumulus Parameterization Schemes for Simulation of Tornadic and Hailstorm Events in Bangladesh Using ARW Model. Mohan K. Das, Someshwar Das, M. A. M. Chowdhury and Sujit K. Debsarma.
4.4 Juang
The NCEP GFS/RSM/MSM dynamic code: review and possible future. Henry Juang

Scientific Presentations: Chair, Masaru Inatsu
5. Regional Climate and Global Change

5.1 Yhang
Implications of a Decadal Climate Shift over East Asia in Winter: A Modeling Study. Yoo-Bin Yhang and Song-You Hong

Precipitation trend over Northeast Brazil. Liqiang Sun and David F. Moncunill
5.3 Park
Projected East Asia climate simulated by the NCEP regional spectral model. Byoung-Kwon Park, Song-You Hong and Eun-Chul Chang
5.4 Lim
Future Climate Change scenarios in Summer over Korea Using a Multi-Nested Downscaling System. Song-You Hong, Kyo-Sun Sunny Lim, Nan-Kyoung Moon and Jong-Won Kim
5.5 Takayabu
Downscaling system applied for representing local climate in Japan. Izuru Takayabu

Scientific Presentations: Chair, Toshiyuki Nakaegawa
6. Application

6.1 Yoshimura
Introduction on isotope-incorporated G-RSM. Kei Yoshimura
6.2 Chen
Meso-scale Spectral Model Simulations over the San Jacinto Mountain Region. Shyh Chen, F. Fujioka, J. Benoit, and H. Juang
6.3 Nakegawa
Potential predictability of seasonal mean river discharges in prescribed SST ensemble predications at different horizontal resolution. Toshiyuki Nakaegawa
6.4 Shin
Sensitivity of performance of PBL parameterizations to the lowest model layer height in a regional model. Hyeyum Hailey Shin and Song-You Hong
6.5 Lin
Numerical Simulation of the South Westerly Monsoon Flow and Precipitation. Pay-Liam Lin

Scientific Presentations: Chair, Ray Arritt
7. Seasonal Forecast

7.1 Sun
Verification of the 10-year Dynamical Downscaling Forecast over Northeast Brazil. Liqiang Sun, David F. Moncunill I and Alexandre A. Costa
7.2 Mutemi
Forecast Skill of RSM in Seasonal Climate Forecasts over Kenya. Hindcast Verification, RSM-Model Output statistics and Observations. Joseph N. Mutemi
7.3 Munoz
RSM+WRF Multimodel Ensemble Experiment for Seasonal Forecast in the Andean Countries. Á. G. Muñoz
7.4 Arritt
The MRED project: Ensemble downscaling of seasonal forecast. R. W. Arritt for the MRED Team.
7.5 DeHaan
Preliminary result of the intercomparison of the ensemble downscaling of seasonal forecast (MRED). Laurel DeHaan and Masao Kanamitsu
7.6 Juang
The Regional Climate Downscaling using RSM in MRED project. Henry Juang and Yunfei Zhang.