Running RSM with rsim script

If you ran RSM with rsm script successfully, you are ready to run RSM with rsim script.
In this experiment, we downscale NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis (R1) to a regional domain.

EXPERIMENT (This is just an example. You can choose any time period, boundary conditions, and domain you like.)

  • 2002 Nov 1 00Z to 3 00Z for 48 hours
  • NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis (R1) as bounday conditions
  • T62L28 25x21 over Southeast Asia at 190km resolution


  • Follow the instruction in Install section and choose model as rsm.
  • Choose SE Asia 190km T62L28 r25x21
  • Choose rsim script
  • Meanwhile, download R1 files, sst.grib, and ice.grib from ECPC data server. See ECPC data server for details.
    • R1 sigma files from to, every 6 hours
    • R1 surface file
    • sst.grib for 2002
    • ice.grib for 2002
  • Go to runs/runscr and edit
    • Initial date (2002,11,01,00) and ending date (2002,11,03,00)
    • Edit the path to input files.
      • If you sftp from a remote server xxx_xxx_PLATFORM is e.g., and xxx_xxx_FTP is sftp. You have to copy the public key to the remote server to automate sftp. Users outside ECPC cannot use autmoated sftp now. Download files from the data server as user "dataman" and save them on your local disk in advance.
      • If you use local files, xxx_xxx_PLATFORM is blank and xxx_xxx_FTP is "ln". Follow the example below.
    • Initial conditions
      • INITIAL_SIG_FTP=ln
      • INITIAL_SIG_GLB=/owen2/hkanamaru/input/
      • INITIAL_SFC_GLB=/owen2/hkanamaru/input/
      • INPUT_RESOLUTION=t62k28
    • Base field analysis sigma files
      • BASE_SIG_FTP=ln
      • BASE_SIG=/owen2/hkanamaru/input/sig.\$YYYYF\$MMF\$DDF\$
      • BASE_RESOLUTION=t62k28
    • sst/ice/snow
      • SST_FTP=ln
      • SST_ANL=/owen2/hkanamaru/input/sst.grib
      • SST_ANL_T0=/owen2/hkanamaru/input/sst.grib
      • ICE_FTP=ln
      • ICE_ANL=/owen2/hkanamaru/input/ice.grib
      • ICE_ANL_T0=/owen2/hkanamaru/input/ice.grib
  • "Output for archive" lines are blank if you do not archive output files automatically.
  • INTPOST, INTPGB, and INTRESTART are 6 if you choose to save output every 6 hours.
  • Go back to runs and type $ configure-scr rsim
  • Make sure stacksize is unlimited. See FAQ.
  • Type $ rsim