Short Courses presentations from 2008 RSM workshop in Trieste, Italy.

(Masao Kanamitsu)
Element of RSM Dynamics and Future Development (Henry Juang)
Physics Package for High-Resolution Atmospheric Models (Song-You Hong)
Introduction to Seasonal Climate Prediction (Liqiang Sun)

Short courses presentations from 2006 RSM workshop in Israel.

Histroy of Spectral Method Part 1, Part 2 (Henry Juang)
Spherical Transform – Reduced Grid (Henry Juang)
Double Fourier Transform – Expanded Domain (Henry Juang)
Perturbation Nesting (RSM Spectral Method) (Henry Juang)

Current Model Physics Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (Song-You Hong)
Future Model Physics (Song-You Hong)

MPI: Model Decomposition (Henry Juang)
Model Dynamics - Vertical Discretization – Conservation Laws, Part 1, Part 2 (Henry Juang)
Model Dynamics - Time Integration Scheme- Semi-Implicit (Henry Juang)
Model Dynamics - Numerical Techniques (Henry Juang)

Interactive Model Demonstration (Hideki Kanamaru)