If installation fails in script execution, execute the install script again and make sure that your interactive inputs are correctly made. If you suspect an error in the script itself, all the scripts except the install script can be found in the instscr directory.

If your compilation or execution fails, you need to check Makefile of the program. If compiler options and directory names of the libraries are not correct, you need to edit defs/sysvars.defs file, make changes and execute configure-libs, configure-model and configure-scr. How to change the sysvars.defs file is described below:

The compiler options and other important command names and directories names are defined from the combination of KEY VARIABLES. The key variables are automatically or interactively defined when the install script is executed. The used key variables appear in configure-libs script at the beginning. Currently there are 12 key variables:

INSTITUTION..... name of institution (e.g. ecpc, sio, mcc) MACHINE ..... computer manufacturer name (ibmsp, dec, hp, es, linux)
NICKNAME ..... name of machine (e.g. bluefire, compas, bassi,..)
COMPILER ..... name of the compiler (e.g. pgi, intel)
MARCH ..... machine architecture (e.g. single or mpi)
THREAD ..... threading (yes or no)
MPIVSN ..... mpi library version (e.g. vsn2)
BIT64 ..... 64-bit compilation option (e.g. bit64)
LINUXVSN ..... Linux version (e.g. 7.1)
LINUXDIST ..... Linux distribution (e.g. redhat, debian, ...)
NETCDFVSN ..... netcdf version [4, or 3]
DEBUG .... debug option (yes, no)

You may add new key variables by editing the configure-libs script and use it in sysvars.defs file if necessary.

Structure of the sysvar.defs file:

The file is to define large numbers of variables based on the key variables. Each section of the definition starts from the default definition of the variable. The lines that follow define the variable depending on the particular combination of key variables. You may use any combination of key variables. The combination of key variables should be specified as:


You may specify as many key variables as you like. If the install and configure script detects that the sysvars.defs file make conflicting multiple definitions, it will warn and stop. You need to look at the script output and fix the sysvars.defs file.

The last part of the sysvars.defs file provides a mechanism to add multiple lines to the script. This is useful for adding lines required for batch jobs.

For fixing your Makefile problem, locate the problem variables (you can find them by looking at the problem Makefile.in file and search for the variables placed between two @ (for example, @MPICH_DIR@).

You may find out how those variables are defined in your installation by looking at the sed.dat file in libs, model (gsm,rsm,...) and model _runs (gsm_runs, rsm_runs,...) directories.