Testing RSM with rsm script

If you use RSM for the first time, try using rsm scirpt for a test.


  • 1990 March 9 00Z to 11 00Z for 48 hours
  • All input files are provided in libs/con directory
  • The script would not run for other time periods because the script uses the input data that come with the model package. Use rsim script and input data from the ECPC data server for your real experiments.
  • T62L28 54x55 over the Western US at 60km resolution. (This is just an example. You can choose any domain you like.)


  • Follow the instruction in Installation section. Choose model as rsm.
  • Choose T62L28 r54x55 US west 60km. If you are using IBM compiler, choose another domain. IBM compiler FFT cannot handle the power of 3 more than 2 (54=3^3 x 2).
  • Choose rsm script
  • Make sure stacksize is unlimited. See FAQ.
  • Go to runs directory and type $ rsm


The forecast code runs 6 hours (model hours) at a time up to 48 hours. The model produces output files (r_pgb.ftxx) every 3 hours. See G-RSM scripts page for parameter definitions. The 48-hour simulation takes up to 1 hour (wall clock time) on a single processor, depending on the processor power.

If the model fails, error messages will be printed in r_fcstout.ftxx files. If the model fails prior to the forecast code, look at files such as rinpg.out, rmtn.out, scnvrt.out, and sfc0.out in order to find out what went wrong.

Files related to questions:
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