Currently, G-RSM can be configured to run on many types of platforms:

Linux single processor and cluster with portland group compiler and intel compiler
Mac single processor and cluster with Intel compiler.
NEC vector cluster machine
Earth Simulator vector cluster machine
IBMSP cluster
Origin cluster
sun single processor
hp single processor
cray c90
cray t90
cray t3e

Note that some of the machine has not been used for very long time and the model may not work.

For configuring the model for new machine, newm, follow the steps below:

1. create directory newm
2. cd to newm and create directories libs and gsm
3. cd newm/libs; cvs co libs_gsm
4. cd newm/gsm ; cvs co src_gsm
5. cd newm/libs/lib and create w3lib_newm. The easiest way is to find the closest machine and copy entire directory. If closest machine is not recognized, simply use linux (i.e., cp -r w3lib_linux w3lib_newm)
6. cd newm/libs/etc and create util_newm. Follow the simular procedure as step 5.
7. cd newm/libs/opt_libs. Create options-newm-*. These files contain essential unix command for 'make' to work, and the compiler options for libraried and utility programs.
8. cd newm/gsm/opt. Follow the same procedure as step 7. These files contain compiler options for forecast program.
9. You are now ready to compile. cd to /newm/libs and edit configure-libs. Change the MACHINE= line to
MACHINE=newm. Then ./configure-libs; make. If you can successfully compile libraries, you are veryu lucky. If you cannot, you need to go through debugging process.
10. If library is succcessfully generated, cd to newm/gsm. Edit configure-model and change the following lines:

If you need mpi library to be loaded, you need to add after line 336

elif [ $machine = newm ] ; the
MPICH_DIR=the directory where the mpi libraries reside

Type configure-model; make to create executables.

11. If 10 is successful, cd to newm, create runs directory, then cd runs; cvs co scr_gsm
12. Edit configure-scr and change the line SRCS_DIR=newm/gsm. Then configure-scr gsm. simply typing gsm should execute the global model.
13. If all the steps up to 12 are successful, edit install script and locate where institution and machine are defined and
modify to your liking

If you need to further refine the script to automatically add header lines for batch job, such as qsub and bsub, it requires a little more work. This will be described in detail in future.