Ranger at TACC

Ranger is the 3,936 16way nodes cluster (62,976 cores). For running g-rsm, following steps are required.
  1. Solve uncompress issue ($ ln -s /usr/bin/gunzip ~/bin/uncompress)
  2. Solve "USE IFPORT" issue (insert "USE IFPORT" in src/fcst/setras.F)
  3. Choose ranger for Institution, intel for machine, and mpi for march.
  4. Choose ifort for compiler and openmpi for mpi compiler. (In ranger, do $ module swap pgi intel and $ module add openmpi)
  5. Add -xW in compiler options (options-intel-mpi)

Note: PGI and MVAPICH do NOT work to run g-rsm in ranger!! (Only combination of IFORT and OPENMPI works.)

Checked by Kei, 10/29/2008.

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There are a few things to note:

  • rand() function results in a segmentation fault. You need to insert line "USE IFPORT" at the beginning of fcst/setras.F . This problem might apply to other machines G-RSM has not been run on before. The problem has been reported with some versions of Intel compilers. If the model fails with a segmentation fault error, suspect this problem.
  • `eval echo $variable` does not work in scripts. They have to be replaced without using eval.