Using ERA40 as base & initial data for RSM

Easiest first step (using rsm script).

Change USEERA option to 1 in the latest rsm script (near RUNNAME). It automatically uses era40 grib data and performs a test for 48-hr from 00Z1990/03/09. What it does is as follows:
  1. Convert from the raw pressure level grib data (libs/con/era40_19900309.grib) to sigma level spectral data by using p2sig (rrun/runscr/p2sig_era).
  2. Re-specify BASE_SIG and GLOBAL_SIG_INITIAL to the new files.

Where can you get ERA40 data?

Our system is capable to handle the original ERA40 data from GRIB U, V, Z, T, sh or RH for all 23 levels are needed. In case of NetCDF files, you need some preprocesses to make them GRIB format.
For less number of pressure levels, just modify rrun/runscr/p2sig(_era).

Application to rsim script

  1. Before an experiment, obtain ERA40 data and make sigma spectral files from the data somewhere.
  2. Specify the BASE_SIG to the new sigma level spectral files.